Father’s Day

“Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons” (Luke 15:11).

Why would Jesus start His parables/teaching like this…so earthly…so story like. You could almost hear, “Once upon a time…”

Why didn’t He begin His teachings something like, “See friends, where I come from…” or “There are sooo many stories where I come from. Listen to this one…”

I gave this answer: Because Jesus was looking for God in our midst…among us. Or better, “Because Jesus was teaching us to see God in our midst…in our stories…in every aspect of our lives.”

Jesus told the parable about a father and his two sons. One son went away, but came back after a while. He got some wonderful gifts; a big party was thrown…The big brother wasn’t happy. He said, in effect, “All these years…you never gave me a gift.” He was right…but wrong.

The above mentioned parable, among other things, pictures the heart of a father. Who knows the heart of a father?…

God took the liberty (or the risk) to open his heart for the whole world to see. What is there to be seen?

“I will spare them, just as a father has compassion on his son who serves him” (Malachi 3:17).

Note that here God compares Himself to an earthly father…but not any kind of a father, but a father who has compassion. Why would God do that?

In God’s economy…in His kingdom…His understanding of the character of a father is this: fathers are compassionate. The heart of a father is compassionate and a compassionate father reflects God.

Do you see yourself in the picture? Go on, reflect God to the world; to your family; to your children – be a compassionate father.

Don’t see yourself in the picture? There is hope for you. Jesus is the one who can change your heart. Get to know Him and be transformed.

This generation needs fathers with a compassionate heart.