He came to justify

The disciples and those close to Jesus, have witnessed the greatest tragedy they ever encountered in their lives: the arrest and interrogation of a good man; the false accusations, unfair judgment and floggings he endured; His crucifixion, death and burial. They were still in shock and confusion and in fear. Just when things started to settle a bit, there comes the news that He is alive. It must have been a tough week for Jesus’ circle of followers.

When they finally met Him, joy and awe replaced all the gloom.

The goal of Jesus’ mission was/is to set in motion and bring to completion the creation of a special people – prepared for God’s coming kingdom, looking forward to living eternally in His presence.

There a couple of ways to describe His mission. John provides us with a wonderful “picture”. He writes about a bridegroom and a bride.

Jesus, as the Bridegroom sets out to get Himself a Bride. Jesus, as the heavenly King sets out to get Himself followers, who would come under His authority. Jesus, as the heavenly High Priest sets out to gather around Him true worshipers, in Spirit and truth.

Where does the resurrection fit in this grand scheme? Was it necessary?

Once we ask this question we are forced/led to consider the full extent of God’s plan – Jesus’ mission. It means that Jesus as the Lamb of God was not the final task of His mission. When Jesus said, “It is finished!” He meant: “The Lamb of God had finished his task!”

The goal of God’s plan and Jesus’ mission was Jesus as King, King of all kings, Lord of Lords and the establishment of God’s kingdom.

“Yes…I am a king…My kingdom is not of this world…” (John 19:36, 37).

Once we have this understanding of God’s plan, then we grasp the meaning of the resurrection and place it exactly where it is meant to be.

Christ’s resurrection was the proof (or demonstration and vindication) of God’s acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice. Because He lives, God can credit His provided righteousness to the account of every person who responds by faith to that offer. Have you accepted His offer?