A Different Kind Of Worship

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD…

where the tribes go up…to praise the name of the LORD…” (Psalm 122:1, 4).

Coming to planet earth, Jesus revealed to us the heart of God.

We came to know that God desires a certain kind of worshipers (John 4:24) ones that offer a “different” kind of worship.

The principle was there from the beginning (Genesis 4:4), because it reflects God’s character. There is “a worship” that God accepts and there is one that He doesn’t. On what basis? On His “basis”, I would say.

On numerous occasions, the OT informs us that the worship (sacrifice) offered was “an aroma pleasing to God”. For example: Exodus 29:18; Leviticus 1:9; Numbers 15:7; etc.

With Jesus, God’s own Lamb (John 1:27), the sacrificial aspect of worship (and thus the aroma) were put to rest.

In His conversation with the Samaritan woman, Jesus brought to forefront the fact that the worship that God’s desires and accepts is that offered in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). As a result, the place, the time and the written regulations became obsolete.

God is not necessarily present at certain “holy” places; nor during certain “holy” hours; nor only if certain “holy” regulations are observed. Every place is holy if God is present; anytime is holy if God is present; and any way is holy if God is present. He desires and finds delight in a different kind of worship.

The Psalmist, with his mind and heart totally attuned to God, expressed his attitude toward worship, “rejoiced in his joy” when asked to go to the house of the Lord. In other words,  “I rejoiced at the thought of worshipping God!”

What kind of person is glad when asked to go to church?

The one that worships God in Spirit and truth; the one who is delighted to delight His God. That is a different kind of worship!